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Anthropic Stock and Valuation

Commercial Services
Year Founded
San Francisco, CA

Anthropic Valuation Estimate

Based on UpMarket valuation model
$31.70 billion

Anthropic Valuation as of Last Funding Round

As of 10/27/23, according to PitchBook Data, Inc.
$20.23 billion

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Anthropic Company Overview

Anthropic is an artificial intelligence research lab focused on developing AI systems that align with human values and can be robustly controlled. Their research aims to address the challenges and risks associated with advanced AI systems, ensuring that AI technologies are beneficial and align with societal values. Anthropic's work is driven by a commitment to responsible and ethical AI development. Anthropic's main product; Claude, is a text generate like ChatGPT, except it's specifically designed for brands to use without worrying about damaging the brand's voice or misrepresenting information. Anthropic also raised over $750 million in the first two rounds of funding for creating Claude.

Anthropic Valuation History

Anthropic Stock Price

The stock price of Anthropic can be calculated by taking the valuation of the company divided by the number of shares outstanding. Because a private company can issue new shares at any time, we do not know the current number of shares outstanding.

For illustrative purposes, however, assuming Anthropic has issued 250 million shares, at the estimated UpMarket valuation of $31.70 billion, each share of Anthropic stock would be worth $126.81.

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UpMarket has offered many similar companies as Pre-IPO investments, including Airbnb, SpaceX, ByteDance, Plaid, Kraken, Databricks, and others. UpMarket also often has funds available that invest in a portfolio of companies potentially including, Anthropic as well.

Anthropic Management

Name Position
Dario Amodei CEO
Daniela Amodei President
Jack Clark Co-Founder

Anthropic Company News

Anthropic Investors

SV Angel

Salesforce Ventures

Spark Capital

Sound Ventures

HOF Capital

Menlo Ventures


Metaplanet Holdings

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